Steel Companies Information

York Metal Fabricators and our steel company customers have a long and successful track record. Across the country, YMF has teamed with some of the best steel companies in the industry to produce top quality metal packages. From supplying non-ferrous railings to building miscellaneous metal objects in coordination with the steel company, YMF has the experience to help you complete the most demanding of projects.

The staff here at York Metal understands the hectic nature of the bid process, and we offer quick estimate turnaround times for those last minute “surprise” bid items. Our sales staff looks forward to the opportunity to assist you in your next bid package.

Regardless of material types, YMF can supply you with the items you either don’t have the capacity to build in house, or we can handle those aluminum and stainless jobs your shop just isn’t set up to handle. Let us work with you to provide your customers a more complete metals package.

For More Information

Please contact David York
President, Sales & Estimating